Cristiana Oprea – Walero Ambassador

“They say you should get out of your comfort zone in order to push your limits. It’s true, except for when we’re talking racewear: I have to be 110% focused on the car and on the road ahead, sometimes for more than 30 km at a time. Physical comfort cannot be an issue on a special stage – this is why Walero is a game-changer, giving me back the seconds when I would’ve thought about the heat inside the car or the sweat running down my face.”

Cristiana Oprea – European Rally Championship and Dacia Cup

Shifting from architecture to motorsports at the age of 23, Cristiana Oprea is a determined rally driver from Bucharest, Romania who challenges the stereotype of women in motorsports across Eastern Europe.

Following her debut as a rally driver in 2016 with a Dacia Logan, Cristiana committed full-time to motorsports when she bought her own race car – a Dacia Sandero 0.9 Tce. Since 2017, she is the only full-time female rally driver and automotive blogger in Romania. She is also the PR of Dacia Cup, one of the oldest mono brand competitions in European rallying and the main access for rookies in the Romanian National Rally Championship. Cristiana is passionate about promoting motorsports towards young drivers as a way to improve driving skills and road safety.

After an intense 2018 with a constant pace improvement with her Sandero, Cristiana finished strong with a 5th place overall in the Dacia Cup, out of 13 crews! In 2018, she also marked an important milestone for women in Romanian motorsports; she and her co-driver, Diana Hategan, became the first Romanian female crew in 50 years to compete in a foreign rally – Rally Sliven in Bulgair, a ERT event.

Cristiana’s mission to empower women in motorsports and beyond, includes numerous interviews, speeches at conferences and partnerships with international brands. Although her core focus remains on her blogs, where she shares sport-fuelled leadership insights in funny and authentic rally stories.

Cristiana’s goal is to become the first Romanian woman driver to compete in the European Rally Championships. Despite the fierce competition among juniors, Cristiana is also fighting for the top positions in the Dacia Cup; where she could become the first woman driver to step on the overall podium.

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