Danny Keirle – CIK-FIA Karting World Champion

“My racing this year will take me to circuits across the world with varying climates. Walero’s temperature controlling baselayers will be of great benefit and improve my overall performance in the kart.”

Danny Keirle – CIK-FIA Karting World Champion

Danny Keirle - CIK-FIA Karting World Champion

Danny Keirle is a young racing star from, Wrotham, Kent and the current CIK-FIA Karting World Champion.

After starting Karting at the age of 10 he quickly caught the attention of Jade karts who he has raced with throughout his career to date.

In 2017 Keirle won the World Championship under the banner of Chiesa Corsa (Italy) who previously looked after names such as Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen.

As well as the World Championship, Danny has won multiple top-level titles such as the British Super One Senior Series, Kart Masters Championship and also the European Open championship, all at x30 (Senior level).

To help support his journey to the top he currently works for William F1, in the carbon composite department.

The future is very bright for this young star and for the 2018 season will be the driver for the Kart Republic, the new project of karting royalty, Dino Chiesa.

Keep a watch on this guy, he’s got the edge!

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