Riku Tahko – Finnish Rallycross Championship – Walero Ambassador

“I have been delighted with my Walero products ever since receiving them! I feel my body stays in similar temperature no matter if it’s cold or hot. I sweat a lot normally so I can see how much sweat Walero can collect. You still feel dry inside, but when taking the shirt off, you can feel how much it has collected. It works as should and fits perfectly. I have washed them plenty of times, and they are not getting any worse. “

Riku Tahko – Finnish Rallycross Championship

Finnish racer Riku Tahko drives hard, whether on its on ice, dirt, tarmac or gravel.

Riku Tahko grew up in the town of Porvoo, on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. Right from the outset, it was pretty obvious which way Riku’s racing career would be going. Up!

As a youngster, he was tearing it up in karts and cross-karts, itching for the day that we was old enough to be allowed to run in full-on rally cars.

At  just 19 years old, he won the Finnish Junior National Rally championship, and then the very next season was selected as the best rookie when he took part in in the Finnish round of WRC – World Rally Championship.

The 2017 season Riku was driving a 600bhp Mini rallycross car, backed by MINI Suomi, taking on the best of Europe in the European Rallycross Championship and The European Drift Championship. Going back to where it all began for Riku as he now returns to his homeland to race in the Finnish Rallycross Championship.

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