I had the privilege to go along and watch the inaugural Formula E in London June 2015 for the shakedown day. It was an amazing experience in so many ways – to start with, seeing Battersea Park being turned into a race track was pretty special! By spending time with the McKenzie Arnold Security team (Formula E security & crowd management) allowed me to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes to set up and manage such an event – there is an incredible amount of work that I had never even thought about.

I have to confess that I hadn’t really thought about the logistics of the whole series but it’s a huge exercise to move from race to race. The hospitality unit(s), the support ‘garage’, even the pit garages all have to be moved for every race as well as the usual paraphernalia that goes with racing cars. Also, each race has to have a pit lane, safety barriers, road diversions, human diversions, etc. installed and organised. It’s a HUGE exercise.

For the first time I saw the cars in action from very close quarters. I still didn’t hear them. The noise of motorsport is for most of us a huge part of the attraction, the feeling of that noise almost shaking your very being. Anyone who’s been to F1 over the years will know all about having to learn to be very good at charades when races are on (not any more though). I will say that it was a little surreal to watch cars from 20 feet away but still being able to hold a normal conversation, although we did get used to it surprisingly quickly. I’m not sure you will ever convince me that no noise is ultimately better than the gut vibrating noise of a ‘proper’ race car going past.

Also, the crowd involvement with the ‘fan boost’ really helps people to feel involved and lets face it, without the fans, there is no sponsors, no TV coverage and the motorsport will really suffer. They are also doing a fan survey which further helps fans to get involved and feel valued in the sport, all of which is important if motorsport is to have a future. F1 is in danger of turning increasingly elitist and of alienating its biggest fan base – Formula E seems to have learnt a thing or two from our cousins across the water in NASCAR and Indy and learnt that to keep the series alive, they need their fans.

It was a great start anyway with a British driver (Sam Bird) & British Team (Virgin) winning the first ever race around the streets of London. Long may it continue!

Its been a busy couple of weeks finalising designs for the Walero Keep Your Cool flame retardant motorsports balaclavas & socks. Manufacture is well underway & they will be with you soon. Sorry it wont be quite in time for the start of the season for some of you, but you wont have to wait too long!

Plenty of you are already wearing our Keep Your Cool base layers in the race seat, on the ski slopes & everything in-between, so you will be glad to know that our balaclavas & socks both contain the same space age technology that helps stop you over-heating. Best of all (especially with regards to your stinky feet!) we also have the same antimicrobial product applied to help keep your feet smelling fresh as roses.



We at Walero are very proud to have had a full two pages written about our “Keep Your Cool Base Layers” flame retardant underwear in the February Issue of Autosport magazine.

These FIA approved flame retardant underwear for motorsports are up to standard (FIA 8856-2000) & even exceed the standard.

Not only that but they will help you keep your edge out on track by actively regulating your temperature making sure that heat stress is kept at bay & keeping you firing on all cylinders for the whole race.

As if that isn’t enough, they also contain an anti-microbial which will make sure that you & your kit bag always come up smelling of roses!

Download the PDF ….

Contact us or Grand Prix Racewear for more details & to make sure that you have the edge when you need it most.

Powered by Walero – all the drivers in Intersport Racing wore the new Walero base layers to great success with 2nd place overall & 2nd in class in the inaugural Maxi Endurance 32h World Record in Dec 2014 run at the the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve in Portimao .

Every driver who has trialled the base layer in a race car has without exception loved it and we’ve had some really positive comments! The colour seems to be a bit marmite with drivers either loving it or hating it (don’t worry, we are adding a 2nd colour to the range shortly), but other than that, everyone loves it & some have already bought more!

Walero base layers are exclusively available at Grand Prix Racewear, or direct through us only, please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to buy.

Walero Ltd are excited to announce the launch of our new Keep Your Cool flame retardant base layers, available exclusively through Grand Prix Racewear & direct through us.

We have used Outlast technology created for NASA which ensures that their astronauts are never too hot, never too cold, but always just right, ensuring that they can perform at their best even in the most arduous conditions. Race drivers are also expected to perform at the top of their game in temperatures and conditions which are often extreme. Walero garments will keep you cool when the heat is on & warm when its not, all without the need for additional weight or drag added to the car, you just need to wear our base layers which work seamlessly with your usual race suit.

As Walero products are designed & tested by race drivers, we are ideally placed to understand the needs of drivers. For example, how many times have you braced yourself before opening your kit bag after a weekends racing?! To this end, we are working with Envirotex antimicrobial products to ensure that both you and your kit bag always come up smelling of roses.

Racing demands only the most advanced technology. Walero applies the same principle to its products.

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