a ‘new era’ for Walero as they strike a partnership with the most prestigious baseball cap company

Walero New Era 9Fifty Snapback

Walero have teamed-up with the worlds premier baseball ball cap company, New Era, to establish a partnership for temperature regulating Walero caps.

New Era are the exclusive supplier for the Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL) and have over 500 different licenses in its portfolio, such as the New York Yankees and Manchester United.

New Era was founded in 1920 whereby they began to produce over 60,000 fashionable Gatsby-style fashion caps. They are the worlds premier cap manufacturer responsible for creating a premium product. Additionally, to reinforce their product being premium, they are the sole headwear supplier for the NFL, MLB and the NBA. To be apart of New Era’s vision is incredible. At New Era, they have strong beliefs in partnering with great teams who can portray their vision. It is understood that New Era don’t just partner with anyone or doesn’t willingly throw out licenses to whoever approaches them. To agree terms to supply two colours of temperature regulating caps is huge for Walero. It demonstrates a similarity in brand values between the two companies and it goes to show New Era have the belief in Walero.

New Era can see that Walero are an up-and-coming brand and want to be associated with them. What makes this even better, is the fact that Walero are New Era’s one of the few representatives in motorsports; to put it into perspective, in Europe the only other people they work with in motorsports are Renault F1, McLaren F1 and Ducatti. In the US they supply all the major NASCAR/Indycar teams. New Era believe in Walero’s advanced technology, temperature regulating base-layers. So much so, they have decided to replicate this technology into some of their most iconic caps –  the 9FIFTY and the 9FORTY. Walero have now designed and developed their recognisable, stand out colours into the New Era caps; Cool Grey and Petroleum. The 9FIFTY consists of Petroleum with the yellow Walero logo and the 9FORTY consists of Cool Grey all over, in a subtle/stylish fashion. Both of these caps contain Outlast® technology, the same technology used in Walero’s FR temperature regulating base-layers.