Calum Lockie Wins In Walero!

Calum Lockie

We’re always proud to announce the success of Walero-wearing race drivers, and if there’s anyone who knows a lot about success, it’s professional race driver Calum Lockie.

With 25 races, 20 podiums and 15 wins in 2015 alone, it’s safe to say last year was a good ‘un.

A highlight for Lockie was winning a hat trick at the Continental Trophy Series in a stunning 1938 Maserati 6CM, followed by a win at the MSA British Dunlop Endurance Championship for the second year running in a Ferrari 458 Challenge GTC. Fast forward to October and another fantastic result was had at the Sports Car Cup in Algarve, racing in a Morgan SLR.

With plans set in place for this year’s Dunlop Cup, (back behind the wheel of the Ferrari 458) as well as a third appearance at the MSA Championship (going for the hat trick!) this season looks set to be just as exhilarating as the last. We are thrilled to have such a successful driver rely on our Walero base layers in his up and coming races, and look forward to catching up with Calum as the season progresses and more gold medals are won!

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