Corbeau Partner with Walero for 2016

Corbeau Partner with Walero

Corbeau partner with Walero for 2016 – Walero are excited to announce a partnership with Corbeau for 2016.

Corbeau is a well-established and respected name in motorsports, having been producing high quality race seats for over 50 years and their customers are in every sphere of motorsports.

CorbeauThey have since expanded to include companies such as Luke Harnesses and Showtrax International so Walero fits well into their expanding portfolio.

“Corbeau constantly strive to innovate and improve driver safety and are very focused on providing great customer service so they are an ideal company to work with as our UK distributor.”

– Fiona James, Walero Managing Director.

Walero is a new company having only launched a year ago at Autosport in 2015. However, we have already made great strides into the market with our technologically superior products, including antimicrobial thermo-regulating base layers, with some well-known names in GT, BTCC, WRC and Historic already choosing to wear Walero over other products.

For more information, please contact Walero or call us on +44 (0) 1223 847617.

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