Congratulations to Gulf Racing on Le Mans 2016 results!

Gulf Racing achieve 5th in GTE AM Class in Le Mans 2016

Gulf Racing achieve 5th place in GTE AM Class in the Le Mans 24 Hours 2016!

It was almost a week ago that our partner Gulf Racing and its iconic orange and blue Porsche 991 RSR, took their position on the start grid alongside 59 fierce competitors in the 84th year of the world-renowned Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. Few drivers could predict what the race would bring, but closing minutes would mark the 18th Le Mans victory for Porsche.

Race start at 3pm on Saturday dealt immediate challenges after downpours and a very greasy track forced all drivers behind a safety car. Gulf Racing driver, Adam Carroll, tackled the team’s first stint brilliantly, and what followed proved to be a strong and problem-free race; the Porsche 991 RSR powering through reliably, aided by efficient pit stops and consistent driving.

All three drivers (Ben Barker, Adam Carroll and Mike Wainwright) bagged double stints on Saturday as weather conditions gradually improved, and Ben and Adam laid down further foundations for the P5 results during the night laps, ready for Mike to take over at dawn, maintaining 5th before handing over to Ben for the final stint, securing their position.

Commenting on a video of that moment, Ben said, “I was lucky enough to do the final stint and cross the line. So much passion and love from the Gulf Racing crew on the pit wall, emotional to say the least!”Ben Barker Racing, Facebook

It was a proud moment for all of us here at Walero to witness all members of the Gulf Racing team celebrate a well-earned pint after hours of grafting, devotion and team effort. A huge congratulations!

The team will be heading to Nurburgring in July for a 6-hour race and if they do it like they did it in Le Mans, we have no doubt they are sure to climb those championship standings.

Featured image sourced from @BenBarkerMsport.


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