Walero Keep Your Cool Socks & Balaclavas Coming Soon

Walero fire retardant socks and balaclavas

Its been a busy couple of weeks finalising designs for the Walero Keep Your Cool flame retardant motorsports balaclavas & socks. Manufacture is well underway & they will be with you soon. Sorry it wont be quite in time for the start of the season for some of you, but you wont have to wait too long!

Plenty of you are already wearing our Keep Your Cool base layers in the race seat, on the ski slopes & everything in-between, so you will be glad to know that our balaclavas & socks both contain the same space age technology that helps stop you over-heating. Best of all (especially with regards to your stinky feet!) we also have the same antimicrobial product applied to help keep your feet smelling fresh as roses.



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