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2019: A Year in Review

The Year Walero Proved to the motorsport world our base layers really do give drivers the ‘edge’

  • New Walero Aston Martin GT4

  • Game Changing Performance Case Study

  • Huge Partnerships

  • Growth in New Markets

  • Global Awareness

The New Walero Aston Martin GT4

We started off the year in style… It’s fair to say we were very satisfied with the livery of the new Aston Martin GT4 Vantage. Other than it being absolutely stunning to look at, the Aston had many other good perks. The coverage the Aston Martin got with our livery gave us that extra edge of Walero exposure. Brand awareness at its finest. The car was entered in the British GT series as well as the European GT4 series. Additionally, the highlight was when Fiona James and Tom Wood secured a podium at the home round at Brands Hatch.

Game Changing Performance Case Study

The year we changed the game. We use the slogan #GetTheEdge and the reason why is because we know, when a driver wears our base layers – they get the edge over the competition. How? It is because our base layers utilise a NASA developed technology, known as Outlast® which actively regulates the bodies core temperature. Without going too much into the ins and outs, let’s more importantly discuss the case study we done to PROVE this technology.  As humans it is only natural we are sceptical sometimes things sound too good to be true; we understand this so we put our our base-layers to the test. We compared our base-layers versus a standard Nomex. The results were impressive to say the least! All under the same test conditions, our base-layers were proven to reduce perspiration by over 40% and lower the drivers beats per minute.

This was a break through for us. A game changer. To be able to provide data to back up our product is incredible. To find out more about our case study, you can read the full article here.

Huge Partnerships

Securing a well-established, well-known top autosport Belgian racing team, W-RT, as one of our technical partners. Team W-RT believe in our base-layers and identified the performance benefits they can give to all their crew – drivers and pit crew. As part of the agreement the race team, which competes in DTM, World Touring Cars, Blancpain GT Series and the TCR Europe, will use our temperature regulating base layers, developed using technology originally developed for NASA.

Not to mention teaming up one of the most prestigious baseball companies in the industry, New Era. With New Era on-board as one of our technical partners, we were able to utilise our temperature regulating technology into baseball caps. Bringing you temperature regulating caps! The caps are available to buy from our site in our Cool Grey and Petroleum colours. With an exciting partner like New Era, there could be scope for more merchandise to be released in the future.

Growth in New Markets

In the UK we bolstered our retailer network by welcoming Grand Prix Racewear (GPR) on-board. GPR are a reputable retailers with years of experience in the industry. They have their store located at the home of British motorsport – Silverstone circuit. We are very pleased to have GPR on-board.

Moving across to the other side of the world, we secured two very good retailers in Asia. We are very pleased to have Monocolle and ZoomZoomTown on-board with us, representing Walero in Asia. Monocolle are based in Japan and ZoomZoomTown are based in Singapore, covering distribution in Thailand too. In addition, their expertise in the field is second to none and are very happy with them representing Walero. Having our base-layers in a new content is huge for us. It signifies our growth in motorsport and just how far we’ve come.

Furthermore, our presence in Europe has extended and we are delighted to have on-board Spa-Racing and Hendriks Motorsport BV. Spa-Racing are based in Belgium with their retailer store based in very close proximity to one of the most spectacular race circuits in the world, Spa-francorchamps. They have an excellent store and know the industry well. On the other hand, Hendriks Motorsport B.V. are based in the Netherlands. As well as being a retailer, Hendriks Motorsport also have a race team in the European NASCAR series. Oh did we forget to mention, they are the 2019 Champions of the European NASCAR series…whilst wearing Walero may we add! Hendriks have a wealth of knowledge in motorsport and we are very happy with them representing Walero.

Not to forget, multiple new retailers across the United States!

Global Awareness – Exhibitions

A massive highlight for us at Walero is our presence in the market. And let me explain more about what we mean. Walero exhibited for the second year in a row at the annual Motorsport Days.LIVE exhibition at Silverstone. This time around attendees approached our stand and already knew about Walero and what we do. Instead of us having to explain who we are and what we do, they already knew. This was satisfying to say the least. It shows our progress. It shows our growth. It shows our awareness. And not to mention a lot of these attendees were actual wearers of Walero and were complimenting how good the stuff is!

To finish the year off we turned our attention to another market. A market that Walero is growing in. A huge market and a very valuable one to be in – America. Alongside our US distributor, HMS Motorsport, we showed our presence at the annual PRI 2019 show in Indianapolis. Now, to challenge the US market and see if they know about us and if not, make them know. It was a very successful show for us. There was a mixed response of people knowing about us but that’s OK. This was always expected in a market we are fairly new into. Although, there was a lot of people interested in our product and were keen to get on-board with it. We left America with excitement of the future Walero has in the states.

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