Walero announce the launch of Keep Your Cool base layers

Walero launch temperature controlled anti-microbial base layers for racing drivers

Walero Ltd are excited to announce the launch of our new Keep Your Cool flame retardant base layers, available exclusively through Grand Prix Racewear & direct through us.

We have used Outlast technology created for NASA which ensures that their astronauts are never too hot, never too cold, but always just right, ensuring that they can perform at their best even in the most arduous conditions. Race drivers are also expected to perform at the top of their game in temperatures and conditions which are often extreme. Walero garments will keep you cool when the heat is on & warm when its not, all without the need for additional weight or drag added to the car, you just need to wear our base layers which work seamlessly with your usual race suit.

As Walero products are designed & tested by race drivers, we are ideally placed to understand the needs of drivers. For example, how many times have you braced yourself before opening your kit bag after a weekends racing?! To this end, we are working with Envirotex antimicrobial products to ensure that both you and your kit bag always come up smelling of roses.

Racing demands only the most advanced technology. Walero applies the same principle to its products.

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Find us in Hall 6, stand 6220 at the 25th Autosport International Show at NEC on 8th January 2015

20% discount given until 16th January 2015.

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