Walero Appoints New US Distributor

“Since launching Walero it has always been our target to break into the US market. The value of being distributed across the US is incredible.”

Fiona James – Walero Founder and CEO

Walero Expand into Europe Agreeing New German Distributor

Walero are delighted to welcome on-board their new US distributor, HMS Motorsport.

Walero flame retardant FIA and SFI race-wear enters the US market through their new US distributor for their advanced ‘Keep your Cool’ range of base layers.

Walero Appoints US Distributors and RetailersA partnership was established between HMS Motorsport and Walero following the attendance of  the annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) 2017 show, held in Indianapolis. HMS Motorsport, are a well-known giant in the Motorsport industry with a rich history and are now an exclusive US distributor for Walero.

HMS wasted no time getting things underway for Walero proving to be an exceptional partner. An incredible start to 2018 and a massive achievement for Walero by featuring in a new World Record! That’s right, the BMW team used Walero’s very own ‘Keep your Cool’ regulating base layer range to successfully break the World Record for the longest drift in history. This achievement was through the help of Walero’s new distributor, HMS, who supplied the BMW team with the base layers, acting as a very valuable distributor for Walero.

It comes to no surprise as to why Walero’s base layers were used as first consideration, during the tense conditions requiring a high level of performance. Here is why Walero were the perfect product for the job:

Walero use Outlast® technology in the fibres of their base layers to actively regulate a driver’s core body temperature and reduce perspiration by up to 33%! In turn, a driver’s  heart rate and respiration rate become significantly reduced resulting in improved reaction times and concentration. In order to break the World Record drift, BMW had to come up with an innovative way to refuel the car, whilst continuing to drift. Taking a risky (or clever) approach, BMW immensely executed a mid-drift refuel using a secondary car to drift alongside and intensely secure the tank. This, as you can imagine, would need a great deal of concentration and reaction times; a perfect match for the Walero regulating base layers!

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