Walero’s expansion continues as they are very pleased to announce new Dubai retailer, Gulf Sport Racing.

Walero continue to expand their retail network with their latest addition based in Dubai, Gulf Sport Racing.

Walero are very pleased to have reached an agreement with Dubai’s leading motorsport retailer, Gulf Sport Racing, as their latest addition to join the Walero family. Since launching the base layers, Walero’s vision was always to become global and expand on to all continents. In the past year, we have seen Walero’s expansion rise massively with two influential distributors on-baord; HMS Motorsport covering North America and ISA-Racing of Germany covering Central Europe.

Finalising an agreement with Gulf Sport Racing is a very exciting prospect for Walero with a great potential. In addition to being a retailer, Gulf Sport Racing have their own  workshop and also they run a competition led driving school, the Formula Gulf Academy, which has produced top quality graduates such as Indy Car driver Ed Jones. Over the years, they have trained hundreds of competitors, won numerous series, kitted out the region’s best karters, rally, drift, circuit and drag racers. Now you can understand the true stature this upholds for Walero in their visions of growth.

Formed in 2006 and stocking over 5,000 items from the world’s premier motorsport suppliers, it is clear to say that Walero are in very good hands. Equally important, Gulf Sport Racing share similar aims and core values as Walero. Gulf Sport aim to supply customers with what they need but ensuring customers are buying the correct equipment. Likewise, Walero share a similar aim with their focus being on the safety of drivers, whilst also providing them with a comfortable drive. This is achieved by not only having super soft material but also managing many uncomfortable factors such as sweat, fatigue and lack of concentration. On the other hand, Gulf Sports reputation is second to none posing a great fit for Walero’s base layers. It is incredible news for Walero to have gained another reputable, respectable retailer to withhold their premium advanced-technology base layers.

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