Walero have teamed up with industry leading seat manufacturer, Cobra Motorsports.

Walero and Cobra Motorsports have teamed up to create one of the most technologically advanced, performance race seats in today’s market.

Leading up to the annual Autosport International show, Walero are thrilled to announce their most recent partnership. Walero have teamed up with industry leading seat manufacturer, Cobra Motorsports. Combining forces, Walero and Cobra have created one of the most technologically advanced, performance race seats available on the market today.

Now, let’s discuss what makes this the most technologically advanced seat available in todays market. As a result of taking Cobra’s world-class professional competition seat – the Cobra Ultralite – and coupling it with the same Outlast technology Walero use in their underwear. Furthermore, applying the Outlast technology – temperature regulating technology – creates a seat that takes safety, comfort and control to the next level.

Led by Managing Director, Mark Dunsford, Cobra Motorsport have been pioneers of race seat safety for over 40 years. Not to mention continually striving to develop the safest, most comfortable seats available.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Walero. Working with a partner that shares the same principles of quality, safety and comfort is so important” said Mark.

“Walero have a like-minded philosophy in driver comfort, and to be able to utilise their temperature regulating technology in our seats allows us to take driver comfort up a level.

Mark Dunsford – Managing Director Cobra Motorsports

Walero Sales and Marketing Manager, Patrick Grant, added the following:

“We are so excited to be partnering with Cobra. Their reputation for quality precedes them. Driver safety is very important to us and we are always looking to combat driver heat stress and fatigue. To be able to create a seat that actively tries to regulate the driver’s temperature is a very exciting development”.

The new Cobra/Walero Ultralite can be purchased through Cobras extensive global distribution channels from January 2019.

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