Walero Temperature Regulating Racewear Announces Association With Growing Australian Brand Fibre 15

Fibre 15

Cambridge, England.  11th August – Walero, the original British retailer of temperature regulating base layers has today announced an official supplier agreement with Australian retailer Fibre 15 to supply the most technologically advanced range of competition base layers (race underwear) to the Australian motorsport community.

The new association means that Walero’s flame retardant underwear will be available for online purchase in Australia.

Fibre 15Walero underwear garments are FIA and SFI approved and are tailored for a superior fit with flat-lock seams and supersoft fabric for maximum comfort under race conditions. Developed by NASA for off-world applications, Outlast ® fabric technology actively regulates your body temperature despite changes in your environment, reducing perspiration by 30%. Combining that with eco-friendly anti-microbial application means that everyone will keep coming out of the car smelling of roses.

Paul and Cath Loiacono, Fibre 15 Pty Ltd, commented: “We see enormous potential for the Walero brand in Australia. The Walero product is a game changer with its innovative design and temperature regulating fabric. Fibre 15 is all about supplying the best brands, latest styles and newest materials, so Walero is the perfect fit for our Motorsport customers”.

Walero Racewear founder Fiona James added: “Walero are excited to announce a partnership with Fibre 15. We are delighted that we are now able to market our products in Australia which has a huge motorsport community and as they have much higher temperature extremes than us here in the UK, our Walero products are ideally suited to them. As both Cath and Paul race themselves, they are an ideal company to work with us as they fully understand the requirements of race drivers.”


About Fibre 15:

A full life would be considered an understatement when referring to husband and wife team Cath and Paul Loiacono. The founders of online Athletic and Athleisure company Fibre 15, are a team in business, family, love and all things life! They somehow manage to juggle it all, multiple businesses, friends, fitness, sport and their four adorable children.

With 10 years of business partnership under their belt, Paul and Cath tackle every challenge with a gritty type of commitment that you can’t help but be inspired by. Life is about balance, and that’s where they recently drew their inspiration to start Fibre 15. Both Cath and Paul are committed to fitness and wellbeing and spend much of their spare time on the race track. Yes, this hard-working pair release the pressure of business with their mutual love of motorsport.

Having travelled numerous parts of the globe, combined with their active lifestyle, they realised the short-comings in athletic fashion offered in Australia. Fibre 15 was founded with the vision to bring fresh designer brands and styles from Europe and America, along with a selection of sports-specific brands offering innovative designs and materials. A range which spans yoga tights to gym wear, through to high tech running gear and temperature regulating motorsport base layers.








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