We’re all fans at heart

We love motorsport. We love the thrill, the adrenaline and the drama. We’re all fans at heart and that passion drives what we do at Walero.

Motorsport is a huge community of ardent people all connected by that same passion and, together with our technical partners at WRT, we wanted to thank some of those people for their unwavering support.

Back in August, after Walero wanted to repay the loyalty of their incredible social media followers, Shane Burke won three VIP tickets to the final round of GT World Challenge Europe in Barcelona and joined WRT in the paddock for the grand finale. After the event, we caught up with him to find out what he and his friends got up to throughout the weekend and how much they enjoyed the experience (spoiler alert – it was quite a lot!)

“It was a really calm atmosphere which was actually really nice,” Shane begins. “I’ve been lucky enough to be in the paddock before at Spa where it’s so busy that you don’t really get to see what’s happening but this time we got to go right into the garages and into hospitality. The atmosphere in the whole team was so relaxed even though they’re so professional.”

Nestled in the very heart of the team’s operations for the weekend, Shane and his friends got to experience the true hustle and bustle of a busy race team fighting for the championship.

“It was crazy,” Shane remarked. “Just seeing the cars there being worked on, it’s just crazy. The level of detail that goes into everything, it’s all millimetre perfect. When you walk in, it’s a bit more intense but when you walk out, it’s a bit more relaxed. The garage is so intense but it’s absolutely amazing in there.”

A true motorsport fan and a former kart champion himself, Shane made the very most of his opportunity to chat to the team’s drivers and was fascinated by what they talked about.

“For myself and my friend Luke especially, we’ve been Audi fans since we were kids and WRT fans since the first year of GT3s so it was fantastic to be with the team. Talking to the drivers was amazing. When you’re on the outside, you’re a little afraid to approach everyone but when you’re there with them, you realise that everyone is really cool and so happy to talk. I’m a bit shy myself but Luke was very talkative so I let him do the talking really and I just listened!

“Listening to them explain how the traction control works and feels coming off certain corners or explaining what they needed to change to find some more time was really interesting, particularly as a racer.

“Frédéric sat down with us too and we talked about anything and everything. You could ask him about literally anything, even the price of a race or something and he’d go into so much detail. It was fascinating to hear a bit more about how it all works.”

When asked if he has any particular highlights from the weekend, Shane finds it difficult to narrow it down.

“There’s so many, from meeting everyone to the sounds of the different cars – it’s honestly so hard to pinpoint a certain moment, just the whole thing was freaking amazing. I’d just like to say thank you so much to everyone at Walero and WRT for the opportunity, it was unbelievable!”

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