Ambassador Tom Cave and co-driver James Morgan Claim Victory in the 50th Plains Rally, May 2016.

The seven-stage event held on Saturday 14th May comprised 45 competitive miles, starting in Gartheiniog Forest and finishing in Welshpool, just 10 miles from Tom‘s home town in Aberdyfi; an advantage from the beginning.

The weather was bright and despite stages in North Wales Forests being dry and dusty, poor visibility caused by dust was unlikely to be an issue. The Aberdovey driver led with a strong start and along with co-driver, James Morgan, proceeded to win six of the event’s seven stages, crossing the finish line with a convincing margin of 27-seconds.

“I haven’t enjoyed a rally as much as this for a long time,” said Tom at the finish. “We entered the event to work on set ups and to test the Michelin tyres in competitive conditions – as well as make sure we kept ourselves match fit during the gap between BRC events. In fact, everything went so well, we quickly found ourselves in front and I’m delighted to have provided Spencer Sport with its first overall victory and to have won my home event.” 

Tom continues, “It’s clear from this result that all of us in the team are doing the right things and if we can continue the momentum into the next round of the BRC, then we’ve achieved what we wanted to achieve this weekend. I therefore have to thank the Spencer Sport team for providing me with such a fantastic car. It never missed a beat throughout the rally, and to thank James for his work and support inside the car.”

The team has been on an eight-week gap between the Pirelli Carlisle Rally and the RSAC Scottish Rally and Tom, James and the Spencer Sport team took the decision last week to enter the fourth round of the BTRDA Rally Series. With the weekend’s result, they (and us!) are very pleased they did!

As one of our brand ambassadors, we were thrilled to support Tom during the race. “Thanks to Walero for keeping me cool today #sweaty work.” – @tomcaveman7, instagram.

Tom Cave and Team Win 50th Plains Rally, May 2016

The next event for Tom, James and the Spencer sport team is the RSAC Scottish Rally that starts and finishes in Dumfries and takes place on 25th June.

This weekend Walero ambassador Tom Cave heads off to a weekend practice event in the third round of the BTRDA gravel rally championship; the Plain Rally.

Tom Cave

This weekend will be a local event for Tom, with stages held just 10 miles from his hometown, Aberdyfi.

With weather set to be warm, Tom will be testing certain areas of the car set-up, getting comfortable with what works for him and what doesn’t. In his words, “It’s a data-gathering exercise.”

Following this, Tom will be taking a six-week break before the next BRC event at the end of June. Tom says, “It’ll keep myself and the team sharp and up to speed during this time-off period.”

We hope all goes well this weekend for Tom Cave and the team!