British Rally Championship

Congratulations to Tom Cave on his MSA British Rally Championships result after an incredible end to a series of challenging races. The last event of the championship could not have gone better for Tom and co-driver James Morgan, who delivered a faultless performance from start to finish in the Rally Isle of Man.

Consisting of 167 miles, the Rally Isle of Man is infamous for being less than friendly to its competitors, what with its demanding stages and exhausting roads. However, after a troublesome penultimate race in Northern Ireland back in August, Tom and James had their sights set on a hassle-free rally and finished the season off with amazing results.

Day 1 on Thursday began with Tom, who buckled down and set the pace in the first of the evening’s stages, getting back to Douglas for the overnight halt, not only second in the BRC standings, but second in the overall event behind Evans.

Day 2 was a long one, but the car powered through beautifully, while James kept a close eye on the stage times of the crews that mattered and Tom adjusted his pace accordingly.

Day 3 came and the team knew it was make or break in what would be the most critical six stages of the entire season. But, with blinkers on, Tom and James fixed their gaze ahead of them and crossed the TT Grandstand finishing line with an outstanding final result.

“I’m really pleased we were able to maintain such a good pace throughout the rally and I was able to push when we needed to push to stay ahead of our rivals.

“Second in the BRC is the best outcome we could have hoped for, not just for this event, but for the season overall. We always knew it was going to be tough to beat Elfyn and we were up against so many top drivers. But I’ve had a great team around me and that has made such a difference.

“Not only have Spencer Sport given me a car that’s performed faultlessly throughout the year, but James and the team’s support and commitment to what we needed to achieve has been incredible. Testimony to this is the fact that we are one of only two crews in the whole of the British Rally Championship field that has scored points on all seven rounds.

“I would therefore like to thank James for his work inside the car, the team for their work outside it, plus all of my sponsors and supporters, including the Trefeddian Hotel, Michelin and team boss Jamie Jukes for letting me drive his car! It’s been a fantastic season.” – Tom Cave

It has been incredible to watch the season unfold for Tom and his team and we are so proud to have him as one of our ambassadors. Time for some bubbly we think! Congratulations, Tom!

Last weekend witnessed Walero ambassador and BRC race driver Tom Cave achieve his finest MSA British Rally Championship result this season with a second place in round four – the RSAC Scottish Rally.

The race comprised a distance of 62 competitive miles across eight stages within forests close to the host town of Dumfries. Along with co-driver James Morgan, Tom entered the race in good spirits; the pair having won the Plains Rally back in May now ready to pick up where they left off with sights set on that championship title.

During the first stage, Tom set the pace as the third-fastest competitor and proceeded to maintain the pace through to stage two, meaning he and James entered the first service halt in fourth place. Stage three threw them an unexpected curveball though when issues with the car led to loss of power and some much-needed attention. Thankfully, Spencer Sport and M-Sport engineers resolved the issue and before long Tom and James were back behind the wheel, resuming third-fastest again on stage five, before picking up seconds in stage six where they achieved the second-fastest time.

With organisers cancelling stage seven, all focus fell on the final stage; a 10.64-mile stint through a forest referred to as Mount Joe.
 Never one to disappoint, Tom set the quickest time by 4.5-seconds, securing a hard-earned second place.

“This result just goes to show that it’s not over until it’s over,” said Tom at the finish. “When the engine started to lose power we feared our challenge might be over, but a great job by the Spencer Sport and M-Sport engineers meant we were back in contention. We really pushed hard in the afternoon to make up for any lost time and I’m extremely pleased to have set the fastest time on the final stage and to have taken second place.

“It’s great for us to have gained a good haul of points on this event. Everything is going in the right direction at the moment: the car and the team, plus James and I as a partnership, so things are looking good for the remaining three rounds. I have to thank Spencer Sport, M-Sport, James and all of our supporters, especially Michelin and Tim Hoare for providing us with excellent tyres, advice and technical support.”

As an ambassador for Walero, Tom relies on our temperature-regulating base layers for maximum comfort and enhanced performance. He says, “In the hot, stressed environment of a rally car where temperatures reach 60°C, the last thing you need to worry about is feeling uncomfortable. Wearing Walero definitely gives me the edge, keeping both my body and therefore my mind cool in all conditions.”

This weekend’s result makes Tom and James the most consistent of all top-four BRC crews, shifting them up to third in the championship standings.

The next race takes place on the 9th & 10th of July at our distributor Nicky Grist’s, Stages Rally on and around the Epynt military ranges near Brecon, South Wales. A huge good luck to Tom and James for the upcoming event!

Ambassador Tom Cave and co-driver James Morgan Claim Victory in the 50th Plains Rally, May 2016.

The seven-stage event held on Saturday 14th May comprised 45 competitive miles, starting in Gartheiniog Forest and finishing in Welshpool, just 10 miles from Tom‘s home town in Aberdyfi; an advantage from the beginning.

The weather was bright and despite stages in North Wales Forests being dry and dusty, poor visibility caused by dust was unlikely to be an issue. The Aberdovey driver led with a strong start and along with co-driver, James Morgan, proceeded to win six of the event’s seven stages, crossing the finish line with a convincing margin of 27-seconds.

“I haven’t enjoyed a rally as much as this for a long time,” said Tom at the finish. “We entered the event to work on set ups and to test the Michelin tyres in competitive conditions – as well as make sure we kept ourselves match fit during the gap between BRC events. In fact, everything went so well, we quickly found ourselves in front and I’m delighted to have provided Spencer Sport with its first overall victory and to have won my home event.” 

Tom continues, “It’s clear from this result that all of us in the team are doing the right things and if we can continue the momentum into the next round of the BRC, then we’ve achieved what we wanted to achieve this weekend. I therefore have to thank the Spencer Sport team for providing me with such a fantastic car. It never missed a beat throughout the rally, and to thank James for his work and support inside the car.”

The team has been on an eight-week gap between the Pirelli Carlisle Rally and the RSAC Scottish Rally and Tom, James and the Spencer Sport team took the decision last week to enter the fourth round of the BTRDA Rally Series. With the weekend’s result, they (and us!) are very pleased they did!

As one of our brand ambassadors, we were thrilled to support Tom during the race. “Thanks to Walero for keeping me cool today #sweaty work.” – @tomcaveman7, instagram.

Tom Cave and Team Win 50th Plains Rally, May 2016

The next event for Tom, James and the Spencer sport team is the RSAC Scottish Rally that starts and finishes in Dumfries and takes place on 25th June.

This weekend Walero ambassador Tom Cave heads off to a weekend practice event in the third round of the BTRDA gravel rally championship; the Plain Rally.

Tom Cave

This weekend will be a local event for Tom, with stages held just 10 miles from his hometown, Aberdyfi.

With weather set to be warm, Tom will be testing certain areas of the car set-up, getting comfortable with what works for him and what doesn’t. In his words, “It’s a data-gathering exercise.”

Following this, Tom will be taking a six-week break before the next BRC event at the end of June. Tom says, “It’ll keep myself and the team sharp and up to speed during this time-off period.”

We hope all goes well this weekend for Tom Cave and the team!

Walero at Autosport International 2016.

Last weekend saw Walero make its second debut at Autosport International 2016, a fabulous start to the year for us and an unforgettable exhibition at the NEC Birmingham!

Like most exhibitors showcasing at ASI would say; the run-up to Autosport is a bit of a whirlwind! No sooner has it started then it ends, and you’re left looking back at what feels like a motorsports-shaped blur of events, having to compare notes with all those involved and fill in the missing snippets through social media spy work…

Walero at Autosport InternationalOur journey this year began in sunny Shelford, South Cambridge, on the cold, frosty evening of Wednesday 16th January. Managing Director, Fiona, and Marketing Director, Gem, prepped the van like pros – loading it with all things grey and yellow, the odd lifeless limb belonging to a dismembered mannequin and shedloads of shortbread (absolutely essential!) and off they went!

94 miles, one toilet stop and an entire Justin Bieber album later, they arrived. They were met by a scene familiar to many experienced Autosport show-goers: stands mid set-up, exhibitors slurping at take-away coffee cups, the hustle and bustle of pre-Autosport banter. It’s a much-anticipated event in motorsports, and the atmosphere holds its own from start to finish. With less than 12 hours before the doors opened to traders, Gem and Fi needed a hand unloading the van, and as the old adage goes; they got by with a little help from from their friends. A ma-hoosive thank you to Yvonne and Charles who did an absolutely incredible job with the stand. It looked epic, and credit goes to both of them for the time and effort they put into making it shine.

The Walero Stand at Autosport International

The first two days of ASI are trading days – a brilliant opportunity for young businesses such as ourselves to network, connect with prospective retailers, and reunite with contacts made at previous shows. We had a fab time catching up with friends from way-back-when, such as Calum Lockie and Mike Wilds; both Walero-wearing race drivers with a fantastic string of championship titles to their names.

A few other friendly faces to drop by our stand were international racing driver, Ben Barker, British racing driver, Lewis Plato, and Tom Cave; British rally driver – three handsome heartthrobs in the world of motorsports! Walero has had the pleasure of meeting a whole host of young drivers over the months, from rally to carting, and we are thrilled to have them rely on Walero temperature-regulating, antimicrobial base layers.

Harry Hunt and Walero Base Layers

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention that while Autosport was in full swing, British rally driver and MINI brand ambassador, Harry Hunt, was completing the final stage of the Dakar Rally 2016 all the way in Argentina (needless to say; in weather a little warmer than the Birmingham climate!). We were over the moon to hear of Harry’s success; finishing 10th overall – an outstanding result for his first Dakar and a priceless experience to prepare him for next year’s race.

The final half of Autosport welcomed into its halls a wave of motorsports lovers, flooding the stands in their thousands. Never a dull moment, we met young and old alike, and were excited to introduce the newbies to a brand with big plans for 2016.

We are extremely proud of all the team here at Walero, and especially grateful for all those who helped make our second ASI such a success. A special thank-you goes out to Luca Diella and Josh Leak of 750 Motor Club, who helped us out during all four days of the convention, making sure all who visited the stand left with a smile on their face and a lolly in their hand!

Roll on Autosport International 2017!