Ben Barker - Walero Ambassador

"A two-hour stint at Spa can be tougher than most tracks and with the heat we had over the weekend it was essential to keep cool. The Walero base layers are great in that scenario."

Ben Barker - WEC, F3, Porsche Supercup

Tom Cave

“ I am very impressed with the Walero Base Layers. When you’re strapped into a car with your race suit on, you don’t actually notice you’re wearing them. I’d recommend Walero to anyone looking to buy racewear. ”

Tom Cave- British Rally Championship

“ Walero Base Layers keep your body at a cooler temperature when you are in the race car. They are a huge benefit to any competitive race driver. ”

Lewis Plato - BRDC Rising Star Porsche Carrera Cup GB

Calum Lockie - Walero Ambassador

“ Walero race underwear has moved the game by palpably increasing both physical comfort and helping to control body temperature. ”

Calum Lockie - British GT Champion, 4 x Britcar Champion

Johnny Mowlem - Walero Ambassador

“ I’ve been incredibly impressed at how well they appear to regulate my body temperature. 90% of my proracing takes place in often stifling hot and humid conditions in the IMSA United Sportscar Championship, and I suffer less with the heat when wearing Walero, which helps my competitiveness and concentration levels in particular towards the end of a long two or three-hour stint.”

Johnny Mowlem - Sportscar and GT driver

“ I used Walero for the first time early in 2015 and I will not be racing in any other base layer product again, it just works..”

Alistair MacKinnon - Group Director / Alcon

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