Aiden Moffat delivered an incredible race performance to secure P1 at Silverstone in this round of the BTCC

Aiden Laser Tools Racing in BTCC

Aiden Moffat’s race performance was spot on as he had to fend off championship leaders, Turkington and Ingram, to secure P1 at Silverstone.

Aiden Moffat – Walero Ambassador

Aiden Moffat – Walero ambassador and BTCC driver – secured his first win of the season in this weekends round of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) at Silverstone. Although, this victory did not come easy for Aiden having to deal with intense pressures from the championship title contenders, Turkington and Ingram. Nevertheless, Aiden held his nerve showcasing his racing capabilities and delivered an incredible performance to cross the finish line at P1!

The season has been very difficult for Aiden and frustrating to say the least. It has been frustrating because we haven’t had the chance to see Aiden push his Laser Tools Mercedes to its limits! Furthermore, what makes this even more frustrating is the fact this has been out of his control having suffered contact from other drivers on many occasions.

This weekend racing action at Silverstone was the penultimate round in the BTCC. Aiden finished race 2 in 7th position and as a result of the reverse grid in race 3, Aiden had the fortune to start the final race in pole position. The stage was set for Aiden in race 3 and he had a good advantage ahead of his opponents, with his car weighing considerably less and also on the better choice of tyres. Although, the 6 cars behind him were also on the better tyres but the weight of each car increased the further you got back. Noticing this advantage, it was clear Aiden had to make the most of the start and create as much of a gap as he possibly could to relieve the pressure and secure P1. Making no mistakes, Aiden done exactly that and got off the line with an incredible start. The gap between him and second started to extend; at one point Aiden was 1.6 seconds in front. However, it wouldn’t be a normal race for Aiden without experiencing some unfortunate circumstances would it? In this case, it was a yellow flag around lap 5 that halted Aiden’s progression and allowed the chasing pack -consisting of Ingram and Turkington – to close the gap.

It was time for Aiden to hold on to this lead and show just how good of a driver he is. Throughout majority of the race, Ingram gave Aiden no breathing space and was touch tight; almost touching at some points! Aiden was not letting this lead go and displayed some incredible defensive skills to not let Ingram through nor be drawn into his pressures of making a mistake. Everything about Aiden’s race was incredible and he thoroughly deserved this win. It was a nail biting race to watch to say the least! Bearing in mind Aiden is still one of the youngsters in the BTCC, and he dealt with intense race long pressure from some of the world’s most experienced tin top drivers to claim a phenomenal lights-to-flag victory. Incredible!

Moffat under intense pressure from Ingram

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