Here at Walero, we strive to provide the most advanced FIA approved race gear available on the market, with a focus on temperature control and fire-retardant underwear to ensure driver comfort and safety. With retailers worldwide, Walero race clothing looks to innovate conventional sports base layers by using NASA ‘Outlast’ technology to reduce driver sweat production and keep wearers cool on the tracks.

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The typical combination of the high-speed, high-pressure environment of the racecourse combined with traditional insulating motorsport clothing such as racing suits and safety wear can cause drivers to overheat. This can result in driver fatigue and loss of focus, impacting performance on the course. However, Walero’s range of FIA and SFI approved leggings, rally underwear and head socks are designed to regulate temperature for whichever climate you may be racing in.

Walero keeps racers’ comfort in mind by delivering temperature controlling motorsport underwear, base layers, and clothing to ensure optimum performance on the race track. Supplying motorsport shops worldwide, Walero products combine comfort and technology in their racing base layers, fire retardant head socks and race underwear. Being a racing driver herself, Walero founder and CEO Fiona James understands the importance of good base layers for keeping cool on the racetrack.