Temperature regulating base layers and underwear for race and rally drivers
“ Silverstone provided the perfect opportunity to test the Walero kit in rapidly changing climatic conditions. As well as excellent performance, the outstanding comfort of the product is one of its standout features. ”
Mikey Brown - Crew Chief, Gulf Racing
Brilliant product, I will be wearing it for my racing this year!
Mike Wilds – (Instructor, & has raced just about every car & series known to man including F1!)
“ Walero base layers work impeccably. I’ve been using them for all my recent races and they haven’t let me down. A thumbs-up from me! ”
Harry Hunt - DAKAR and Rally du Maroc driver
Lewis Plato - Walero Brand Ambassador
“ Walero Base Layers keep your body at a cooler temperature when you are in the race car. They are a huge benefit to any competitive race driver. ”
Lewis Plato - BRDC Rising Star Porsche Carrera Cup GB
" I’m happy to be an ambassador for Walero race underwear. It regulates my body temperature and keeps me cool when conditions start to rise, as it does in endurance racing. "
Anna Walewska British GT Championship, Dubai 24 Hour

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Thermo Regulating Base Layers For Race and Rally

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Walero temperature regulating base layers are fully flame-retardant and have been scientifically designed by drivers, for drivers, to regulate body temperature, enhance driver performance and ensure maximum comfort.

Using the same Outlast® technology relied on by NASA astronauts and top athletes, our SFI and FIA-approved racewear combines advanced thermo-regulating know-how with super-soft, antimicrobial-infused material, leaving you free to focus on what matters while Walero focuses on you.

We’ve also added Fantex which is a nontoxic, hospital grade antimicrobial to our clothing that’s 99.999% effective against many common bacteria as well as many fungal spores and viruses, keeping you fresher for longer.

You don’t choose to compete. It’s something that drives you. An impulse that pushes you repeatedly to test your own capabilities. And keeps on pushing all the way to the limit. Even beyond. We know how it is. We’re in the running with you. Helping you to feel comfortable, protected. So you stay focused on one thing, and one thing only. Winning.

Get the edge with Walero.

Temperature Regulating Base Layers

Ambassador Videos

Harry Hunt on Walero

Calum Lockie on Walero

Temperature Regulating Base LayersWhen it comes to delivering your best performance, your body needs more than just average comfort, support and protection. That’s why all of our next-to-skin base layers use the same technology developed for NASA (yep, astronauts!), which helps to actively stabilise your temperature, no matter how much the heat is on (or off!). How does it do that? Simply by incorporating super-intelligent microcapsules into the yarn of the fabric before it’s been woven.

These microcapsules contain a ‘phase change material’ that absorbs the heat energy above a certain temperature and gives it back to you below a certain temperature; helping to stabilise your body at 37 degrees and effectively reducing sweat production by up to 33%. This thermo-regulating technology means that no matter how intense the race conditions are, you’ll never feel too hot, nor too cold.

…And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also added Fantex to our clothing, which is a nontoxic, hospital-grade antimicrobial that’s 99.999% effective against many common bacteria as well as many fungal spores and viruses, keeping you fresher for longer.

Success has never smelled so sweet!

All this technology has been tried and tested by Outlast® over the years since it was released and there are several research papers available to support the various claims.

The US Olympic triathlon team even used it to improve their performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Further evidence was found during the last Golf Ryder Cup event when competitors faced rather undesirable weather conditions in bonny Scotland!

When you combine all of the above with a tailored, superior fit, flat-lock seams and super-soft fabric… it’s safe to say that Walero base layers are like no other. It comes as no surprise. They were engineered by drivers, for drivers.

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