Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I buy them?

Visit our Find A Retailer page to find a retailer near you!

What is the difference between clothing that wicks moisture and Walero base layers?


  • Plenty of fabrics have the ability to wick moisture away. This enables the body to evaporate sweat – one of the body’s main ways of keeping cool. However, in the confines of a car, with a race suit on and a race seat surrounding much of your body (not to mention restricted airflow) the wicking process is severely compromised. Walero knows you need more.
  • Walero base layers help to regulate your body’s temperature and, unlike most other garments, they respond and adjust to you, either to keep you fresh and cool when the heat is on or to keep you warm, supple and focused when it’s not.

TIP: On a cold day, try putting your base layers over a radiator before putting them on. Alternatively, put them in the fridge (or freezer!) if it’s going to be a scorcher! You’ll be amazed by the benefits.

Is there a limit to the amount of heat energy that can be absorbed?

Yes, there is a limit to how much heat energy this can absorb, especially as there is a limit to how much the PCM can ‘discharge’ to the environment contained within a race car, particularly with the extreme temperatures experienced during a race, but it will noticeably help reduce your heat stress in the car and increase your comfort.

Where are the Walero base layers made?


Both the fabric and garment manufacturers are in Portugal.

Both are family-run companies and we have visited the factories on several occasions; both places are very happy and working conditions are fantastic.

How do I wash & care for my garments?
  • Wash at 30 degrees preferably or colder and line dry.
  • The fabric is pre-shrunk so it will not shrink again, providing you follow the instructions!
  • Do not tumble-dry or dry-clean your clothing.
  • The fabric will crease if it’s screwed up in your bag but the creases will all fall out quickly so please do not iron.
  • If at all possible we advise you to wash your Walero garments on their own.
Are the garments FIA and SFI approved?

Yes - our current 1.0 base layer range is certified to both the FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3 standards.

Our brand new Walero 2.0 Temperature Regulating Foot Socks are certified to the current FIA 8856 - 2018 homologation.

What instructions are there for screen printing onto the fabric for sponsors & logos?

Maximum time and temperature are 160°C for 15 seconds (the lower the time and temperature, the better).

If you are unsure please refer to our FIA User Information and Requirements page for further information.

Do we hold stock?

We work on forward orders only but we do hold a forecast quantity of re-order stock that we keep to one side should an account sell out quicker than anticipated.

However, we obviously can’t control when this stock depletes so it’s important that you try to order the quantities you require. We will let you know when our order dates are and then send a prompt a month before.

What other sports or activities would Walero base layers be used for?

Base layers sit close to your skin and can keep you warm or cool. Walero thermal underwear provides a layer of warmth while, at the same time, absorbs and removes sweat to keep you comfortable while racing – this is called ‘wicking’. Some serious karting enthusiasts use our base layers under their karting suits. Our base layers would also be extremely beneficial for other sports and activities such as extreme snow sports, cycling, hill walking and even for under your normal day-to-day outfit on extra cold days or snowy holidays.

What makes the Walero base layers different to other flame-retardant base layers?

There are three big differences:

  • We use the same technology that was created for NASA – Outlast® (yup, astronauts!) which actively helps to regulate your temperature, no matter how much the heat is on (or off!).
  • Comfort! Our clothing is much softer, more comfortable and more protective than the traditional Nomex and Aramid fabrics. We also use flat lock seams everywhere to stop any pressure points and discomfort.
How exactly does Outlast temperature regulating technology work?
  • It works by incorporating microcapsules into the yarn before the fabric is woven. These capsules contain a ‘phase change material’ (PCM), which absorbs the heat energy above a certain temperature and gives it back to you below a certain temperature. This helps to stabilise your temperature at 37 degrees.
  • It also stops you getting chilled even after you drive (perfect for 24 hour races in the early hours!).
  • As well as contributing to a stable body temperature, it can also reduce sweat production by up to 33% in normal usage (this has been documented by the US Military in trials).

We told you we were different.

Does the Outlast technology wear out?

The technology will remain effective for the life of the garment. In other words, the fabric will wear out before the technology does and it’ll still be 80% effective even after 50 washes. Pretty cool, huh?

Where else is Outlast technology used?
  • The technology has been very well tried and tested by Outlast over the years since it was released. There are several research papers available to demonstrate the various claims.
  • The US Olympic triathlon team used the same technology to help regulate their temperature and improve their
    performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games.
  • The technology was used at the last Golf Ryder Cup event to help the competitors keep performing at their best no matter what the weather was doing in bonny Scotland!
  • It has been used to great effect by the military. Not only that; it’s even there for you when you get home and can be found in your pillows and mattress protectors!
What colours and sizes are available?

We currently manufacture our base layer range  in ‘Cool Grey’ and ‘Petroleum’ from sizes XS to XXXL.

Head Socks are now available in sizes S/M and L/XL.

Our brand new Walero 2.0 foot socks are now available in sizes XS, S/M and M/L.

If you would like to find out more about our sizing and colours, please visit our product page and look for the sizing guides provided.

What drivers are wearing Walero?

We now have drivers from every sphere and type of racing; single-seaters, GT, historic, rally, touring cars. You can spot drivers from professional to club racing sporting Walero in their racing endeavours.

Visit the Walero Athletes page to find out more.

Do our base layers exceed the FIA testing standards?

Yes, during the testing of our current 1.0 base layer range, we saw our fabric lasted approximately double the required length of time during flame testing! The required minimum is 11 seconds, ours lasted 21 seconds.

Our brand new Walero 2.0 Temperature Regulating Foot Socks exceeded the heat transfer test by 3.4 seconds!

Will screen printing affect the flame retardancy of the garment?

No. We have had this tested and test results can be supplied on request.

How long have Walero been manufacturing motorsport base layers and products?

Established in 2012 Walero have been manufacturing motorsport gear for over a decade.

Where are the nearest motorsport shops?

Walero have retailers all over the world. Check out our Find A Retailer page to find a motorsport shop near you!