January 12, 2023

The arrival of the New Year often heralds an exciting time for the Walero community with the annual running of our Be The Next Walero Athlete competition which looks to scour racing communities around the world to find the latest addition to our rank of athletes and ambassadors!

In 2022, the calibre of entries was exceptional but there was one that stood out to the Walero team, and his name was Nick Roots. Heralding from a family with a rich racing pedigree passed down through several generations in the SuperStox formula, his exploits in a series with a unique history and community yet to be properly explored was an opportunity not to be missed.

The SuperStox series represents the premiere form of contact short oval racing both in the UK and Internationally from the US to Holland! Fiercely competitive and filled with non stop action on dirt and tarmac venues across the country, SuperStox racing is seen as the epitome of grass roots racing and the chance to immerse ourselves in this distinct formula was a great way to branch out from our foundations in circuit racing.

To celebrate a year since Nick’s competition win and his addition to the Walero athlete roster, we caught up with him to discuss a multitude of topics as we look back on the 2022 season, his first in partnership with Walero!

2022 was a year that promised to be spectacular for Nick and his tightly knit team of mechanics and friends, and 2021 had seen him storm to multiple titles in the intensely competitive SuperStox series, winning the British, European, National Points and World Championships as the New Year beckoned. However, Nick’s entry into our competition was one he looks back on as a shot in the dark.

“I entered the competition on more of a wim than anything else,” he recalls. “I had always followed circuit racing and had become aware of the brand as it continued to grow and grow.”

“I saw the competition come about and it felt like a no-brainer to enter. I have always been big on safety in racing and so has the team around me, so whether we needed to or not, maximising my safety has been an outstanding factor in my racing career so far and aligning this with Walero’s brand message seemed like the perfect fit!”

“I didn’t think I had a chance if I’m being honest, it was one of those things that I put out there and forgot about, it didn’t cross my mind once that I would go on to win.”

The 2022 season saw Nick embark on yet another impressive campaign as he kickstarted the year as he meant to go on with crucial victories in the National championship to secure yet another title, his first whilst representing Walero! With Nick’s ever present fame being the reigning World Champion, his exposure and following in the short oval community grew unprecedentedly as drivers and fans alike began to recognise his new partnership.

“The recognition we have received this year has been truly inspiring, not only from a driving standpoint but from an operational side of things. Stepping into the paddock as the reigning National and International Champion was always going to be a massive boost, but what astounded me was the interest in Walero and the base layers themselves.”

This opinion was solidified at Nick’s first race meet after the winning announcement, a memory which he looks back on fondly.

“I vividly remember that first race meet and the reception I received on my arrival. The sheer amount of congratulations and people asking, how have you done that with a brand so popular?”

“From that first race meeting and beyond, I had drivers in the paddock from multiple short oval formulas come up to me and ask about the base layers I was sporting. Wearing fire retardant base layers is often an afterthought in the short oval paddock and to see the interest that my base layers got in pushing out the messages of safety was really inspiring to see!”

“I bemoaned my cousin for not being as safety conscious as myself and I got a call halfway through the year from him asking where he could buy them and as soon as possible. So for me, it has been great to see shifts in adoption of safety across the community and Walero really has been integral to this.”

For Nick, his journey through the 2022 season was an enjoyable one to say the least, holding the five major championships, a feat that had never before been achieved in SuperStox history. With this came the reception from the ever expanding trackside community and he believes the relationship with Walero has driven this ever further.

“I have never had a relationship with a brand like this in my racing career and it has really helped add a layer of professionalism to my racing that was previously not present. Working with the guys and girls at Walero has been a wonderful experience and the relationship we have has continued to grow day after day.”

Nick also reflects on the difference the base layers have made not just off the track, but on the track and inside the confines of the cockpit.

“The base layers have really been a game changer this season for me, I would be hard pressed to find a base layer that I have worn which is as comfortable as the Walero undergarments.”

“The conditions and heat I faced in the cockpit of a SuperStox car with the engine directly underneath and the gearbox between my legs over the course of every race was demanding to say the least and the base layers more than kept me cool, they kept me focused on the task at hand…defending my championship titles!”

“Racing in the heat this summer was a real challenge when combined with the conditions I faced in the car, but the Walero base layers were more than equal to this and I could visibly see the difference between myself and the other drivers when stepping out of the car.”

Alongside Nick’s championship defence in 2022, he also became a key part of our athlete roster, joining like minded drivers all around the globe that look to use Walero to take their performance on track to the next level. Nick’s introduction into our community has been integral to building upon our connections to the top level of national grassroots racing and Nick looks to emulate this on a day to day basis.

“For me, joining the Walero community has been a real highlight and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities it has given me to not only grow as a driver but as a person. The ability to forge new relationships with drivers such as Charlie, Max and Cristiana to name a few, who are at the top of their game in their respective championships, and to then have them connect with SuperStox has been wonderful!”

Nick played a key role in organising the first Walero Ambassador Day for over two years which gave a selection of our athletes old and new to come together and experience the SuperStox form of racing like never before. None of that would have been possible without Nick’s dedicated and humble nature and this is echoed throughout his relationship with drivers and the community.

“The community is there and it is thriving, it feels like it is growing with every passing week and being a part of it is a real privilege. I can’t wait to welcome more drivers into the ranks and especially the 2023 winner who I’m sure will add another element to an already diverse group of athletes.”

Nick’s 2023 plans are now in full swing and he leaves behind an incredible career in SuperStox to pursue glory in the top level formula of non-contact short oval racing.The National Hot Rod series features a fully space framed car with a fibreglass and kevlar body based on everyday road cars. Nick currently races with a Vauxhall Tigra based car but has taken delivery of a new Lotus Exige based car to race moving forward. These are powered by race-tuned 2 litre engines producing around 275-280 bhp with sequential gearboxes and fully adjustable suspension.

“It is more of a sideways step than anything,” Nick explains. “Moving from the top level championship to another will certainly be a challenge, but it is one that I am excited to tackle head on and achieve some great results.”

“This season will be about learning the car, how it handles, how it adapts to track conditions, so fingers crossed we can hit the ground running and get some strong results under our belt as quickly as possible. I’m ready and the team is ready, all we have to do is give it our all!”

The year will kickstart for Nick in March as he takes his first steps into the championship and it represents the start of another exciting year for Nick and his continued partnership with Walero, one that we feel will provide plenty of success both on and off the track.

When Nick was asked to provide a single piece of advice to entrants for the next competition, his answer was simple.

“Confidence. It is all about confidence and having that belief in yourself to put your talent out there and on show for everyone to see. To enter last year I had to really push myself to press the send button but once you do it will give you a boost that can massively help to further your skills.”

“The opportunity for me has been life changing, to work alongside such a great brand, become friends with so many amazing people and become immersed in a racing community unlike any other has been a real highlight of 2022 and winning the competition last year feels more rewarding than any championship victory.”

“For those looking to enter, don’t hesitate, it is a chance you simply cannot miss!”

You can keep a close eye on Nick’s 2023 season through his Instagram and Facebook and through the Spedeworth Motorsports website which provides useful information and guides for anyone looking to explore the short oval community!

To enter our 2023 Be The Next Walero athlete competition, send your pitches to the marketing@walero.uk email or a message on our social channels. For any further information please visit the link below:


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