January 10, 2023

Racing Underwear Buying Guide

Need help buying your race underwear? From hardcore rally drivers to professional racing drivers and everyone in between – if you care about performance and safety you will want to know how to choose the right kind of race underwear. The perfect racing kit could help you to achieve your best race to date.  So often in racing, we concentrate on the speed of the car or bike for performance – but we should never forget the comfort of the driver.

Manufactured from flame-resistant materials to protect the wearer from fire, racing underwear is designed to be worn under the main racewear as an extra layer of protection. This protection isn’t solely from fire in the event of an accident but also from perspiration and discomfort while racing.

What kind of race underwear do I need if I’m racing?

You will need a few items to cover as much of your body as you can.  These range from base layer tops and bottoms to a full-head garment called a balaclava.

Below you will find some of the key features to look out for when buying race underwear:

Ultra Soft Fabrics

There is more to race underwear than simply providing an extra layer of material. Race underwear ensures you are protected in the event of a fire.  

Ensure that the material is made using Nomex.  Nomex in its fibre form is used as a fabric where resistance from heat and flame is required. When in a life-threatening incident involving fire, every second is crucial. As part of the racewear that a driver is required to wear, it is highly recommended that fireproof underwear is worn. That’s function! But the flipside to functional race underwear is comfort. Some forms of underwear feature stretch-fit materials which offer a form-fitting style which helps with muscular fatigue. These layers also feature moisture-wicking and cooling properties thanks to highly breathable material and advanced technologies. And also – have a good feel of the fabric and ensure that it feels super soft to you.

Cooling Capabilities

Any experienced driver will know first-hand just how hot it gets in a race car – fully kitted out in a suit and helmet.  At one point specifically (and thickly designed) vests and t-shirts were worn to try and cool the driver and keep them comfortable. Luckily, here at Walero we firmly believe that good isn’t good enough.  And with that in mind, we developed state-of-the-art cooling technology within our race underwear that actively cools the body.

Walero racewear uses NASA Developed technology, Outlast®, to actively regulate your body’s core temperature and skin microclimate. This allows the wearer to perform better, for longer and also reduces the effects of heat stress and fatigue.

Seamless Design

Some items offer a stretch-fit material and flat seams that allow for greater freedom of movement and the best possible fit for the driver. Flat seam construction also aids driver comfort.  Race underwear with high-quality design features ensures optimum driver performance.

Buying Your Race Underwear

When it comes to sizing race underwear can be either continentally sized; ranging from a size 40 to a size 62, or conventionally sized small/medium/large. If buying online – check size guides with your own measurements for chest, waist, hips, height and weight to ensure a good fit.

Motorsport Base Layer & Leggings

Look for race underwear that is lightweight – comfort is your goal here! Moisture-wicking fabrics that ensure heat energy is absorbed; will help to stabilise your body temperature and reduce perspiration as the race heats up. Race underwear with thermoregulating technology means that no matter how intense your race conditions, you’ll never feel too warm or too cold, ensuring great performance.


Also known as a head sock, racing balaclavas are essential when it comes to keeping drivers safe and comfortable.  When buying race balaclavas look for coverage – you want a race head sock that covers the majority of your face as well as your head and neck – leaving only space for your eyes, nose and mouth.  Worn under the driver’s helmet, racing balaclavas are multipurpose and the same fireproof single layer can be used to cover your neck seamlessly protecting as much skin as possible in the event of a fire. Check out our top 3 pieces of racewear used by motorsport drivers to learn more.

Race Underwear Explainer

Drivers have a duty to wear fire-retardant underwear.  You can read more about the rules and regulations for this here.

Explore our range of race underwear here.

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