Walero's Game Changer

May 19, 2019

Walero always knew the capabilities of their FR temperature regulating base layers on driver performance but now they have data to prove so.

In a recent study, Walero have proved just how much their base layers can give a driver the edge over competitors and help with driver performance.

When Walero constantly emphasise ‘Get The Edge’ as their slogan – they truly do mean what they say. And here is why: Walero have always believed in their FR, temperature regulating base layers to give the driver a competitive edge over their competitors; they have always known just what their advanced technology base layers are capable of.

Therefore, it has always been a matter of getting this point across to the motorsport market. So what do Walero decide to do? Of course they go and put the base layers to the test. Confident of the outcome, Walero wanted to prove the effect their base layers will have on enhancing a drivers performance. All of a sudden, Walero’s ‘Get The Edge’ has a lot more meaning and conviction with some pretty excellent data stats to prove so. And let’s be honest, you can’t argue with data? I’ve got the feeling people are now going to take ‘Get The Edge’ a lot more seriously and really believe in Walero to provide the driver with a competitive edge.

Walero teamed up with Cranfield simulation, Autosport and Dean Fouache – a world renowned senior performance coach – to test Walero against a comparable Nomex. Dean has specialised in human performance coaching at Hintsa, which has a client list including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo.

Using racing driver Jack Mitchell, Walero ambassador and the 2018 British and China GT Champion, Dean conducted a study across two days testing Walero base layers against and comparable product. Jack was in a simulator with the temperature set at 32 degrees, for an hour for both products. Before the test Mitchell’s starting body temperature on both days is measured at 36.9C, and the simulator room is kept at a controlled 32C – the upper limit for the cockpit as mandated by the WEC.

The results are pretty incredible! Over the course of the 60 minutes, wearing Walero base layers resulted in a lower core body temperature, a lower average heart rate and a lower loss in body weight! All these physiological factors have a huge impact on the drivers ability to perform. See the table below for the full comparison over the course of 60 minutes.

Incredible stats, hey!? And just out of a matter of interest, and reiterating how amazing Walero base layers are – Jack was 0.252 faster a lap (on average – 40 laps) wearing Walero than the control product! Although you have to take into consideration this test was done under a simulator.

So whilst they are fantastic stats, you have to bear in mind other real-world factors a driver may face; factors such as fear, adrenaline, weather conditions and so on. It does give you an idea of just what Walero can do. So as a driver, when you go searching for all these different ways trying to find where you can make incremental gains – just consider how important wearing the Walero base layers are for improving your performance. Base layers are overlooked and are used just to meet the driver requirement standards.

If a driver is serious about improving their performance and making incremental gains, then they need to look no further than Walero base layers. You can see in the results above, just the difference wearing Walero can make on a driver. Walero base layers improve a drivers cognitive function meaning the driver will make less mistakes, and can focus for longer.

If you would like to learn more on the technical side behind Walero then click here.

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