MINI Challenge JCW 

Competing in one of the most recognisable TOCA championships, Nelson King is the reigning Mini Challenge Trophy UK Champion.

Joining the Walero family for the 2023 season as the winner of our annual Be The Next Walero Athlete competition, Nelson embodies our ethos that ‘Winners Wear Walero.’

Nelson King is a 19-year-old British racing driver competing in the Vertu Motors Mini Challenge series aiming to climb to the top of the British motorsport ladder. After competing for multiple karting titles Nelson’s focus has moved to car racing, the natural step in a young racing driver’s career.

Nelson’s 2022 season was one to remember, with him dominating the Mini Challenge Trophy championship to take championship honours in mightily impressive fashion.

For 2023, he made the step up to the revered JCW category of the Mini Challenge championship with Graves Motorsport where he bolstered his already impressive career.